Thursday, June 22, 2006

Unconditional Love

I love my wife even though she spells disc (as in Compact Disc, or DVD) with a k (disk).

Life Energy Harness?

Nicholas, a friend of mine, recommended a concept to me called "Life Energy Harness Technology", which can be read about on the web at I'm somewhat of a skeptic, but I'm giving it a whirl... I created my own "harness" and I am wearing it currently. It is supposed to light up the heart center and the crown chakra... or in other words, stimulate the thymus and pituitary glands. I'm not usually into meditation and yoga and so forth. The symbols I posted on June 2nd were experiments regarding what symbols work best with this technique, and which parts of the body they influence. The symbol I've ended up using is none of those, however, and instead is a Morning Star (pentagram, with one elongated point down, a symbol of Venus, or Christ coming from the East, each point representing one of the nails which wounded him.) The particular star I'm using is made of tightly twisted wire, about 20 guage, one strand of brass, and two strands of copper.

We'll see if it does anything. :-)

Friday, June 02, 2006


Oh, pretty. I made these out of brass wire today as part of an experiment being conducted by my friend Nicholas. I'm not sure exactly what the procedure will be, but we're going to be finding out something about the energy contained in these symbols in the next couple weeks.