Thursday, August 10, 2006

I hate charities that beg!

14:56:48 <ziviks> I hate the special olympics people who call and beg for money
14:56:57 <ziviks> they make me feel like a monster
14:57:01 <ziviks> I think i'll blog about it!

And so I am.

Charities shouldn't call and beg people for money. It is annoying, and they are disrespectful in how they present the information and try to pressure you into helping. There are SO many different charities out there, that if I donated to all of them, I myself would be in need to call and beg as well. One shouldn't feel bad to have to reject some of these callers. Your money should go where you decide to put it, not where people are pressuring you to put it. There are many great charities out there that can be considered. But there are many more things that can be done besides just giving money, and those things are often more important, and have a bigger impact.


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