Sunday, September 03, 2006

Google Notebook

I just ran into a new (for me) Google service. Google Notebook

I've made one already, and it's an awesome concept. To get started you just need to install a small extension to your internet browser which gives you a new option in your right-click menu. Then when you find something on the web that you want to remember, or "jot down" in your notebook, you select whatever it is, right click and select 'Note This'. Whatever you selected is then added as an entry in your notebook with a link back to the site you grabbed it from - perfect for lazy researchers.

It's still in Beta, so there are still some quirks and problems.
  • It's really hard to move, add or delete images. I would like to host images off my own server, but this is impossible right now. If I add a note from scratch, there is no way to add a picture that I've found
  • In general, the text is hard to edit, it should be as easy as blogger!
  • Actually, it would be cool if it let you edit the html as well.
  • One of my pet peeves is a page with various font types and font sizes. I would LOVE it if GoogleNotebook had an option to set all the font faces and sizes to the same thing when you add a new note. That way they would look consistent.
  • It would be profitable, but perhaps unethical, to have optional google ads on the public view page. I say unethical, because you are farming other people's work and earning money off of it... but, someone researching a topic would much rather stumble across your notebook full of the information they need, than spend the time scouring the web for the same pages.
  • I wish I could change the look *just a little* .. maybe integrate the Google web page Template idea into it... *shrug*
  • One more heading type would be really good. Something to split the sections up a little.
  • Oh! Unicode support! pretty please?
  • A list of notebooks by topic or something would be cool, and a place for notebook authors to list a topic (or three), obviously.
  • Move the items in the 'Actions' drop down box into a toolbar type deal.
Despite that long list, Google Notebook is actually very usable right now, as is ... it just needs a little polishing.


At 9/03/2006 9:22 PM, Blogger Susie said...

A couple other things I thought of:

* Calm that big pop up box down! there's no need to see it every time a note is added.
* ability to add highlighting to the text would be great, especially for longer notes, where you want to emphasize specific lines.


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