Sunday, March 11, 2007

Major Plot Flaw in Prison Break

Ok, so I should have posted about this when I noticed it, which was way back in November, but I figured everyone else would catch it too. I tried Googling, however, and did not find any posts about it, so here it is:

When Bellick got arrested for suspected murder of his friend Geary it was because the body had arrived at the hospital where Bellick was already at, and he was with the police officer at that time who ended up eventually charging him with the murder.

He had been in the hospital for quite some time, with the police outside his room. He calls Geary on his cell phone and leaves the message while he is still at the hospital. After leaving this message, he was never out of sight of the police and his whereabouts are always known up until the time he is charged with the crime. All they needed to do, was verify the time on the "incriminating" voicemail to see that he could not have committed the murder because why would he send the message to Geary after he had already killed him? It makes no sense.


(The episode this was in is entitled "Bolshoi Booze", and is Episode 11 of Season 2.)


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